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hospital emergency power and HVAC


Power and HVAC for facilities management

How we help:

Keep your healthcare environment safe and healthy with hospital emergency power, HVAC, and contingency plans for every scenario.

  • Get reliable hospital backup power with no CAPEX.
  • Prepare for seasonal changes with flexible ways to add HVAC/power capacity.
  • Work with us to design a comprehensive rental plan for emergencies.
  • Control your operational costs with flexible, on-demand equipment rental costs.

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We help you keep your hospitals safe and operational during planned and unplanned maintenance while managing year-long costs of operation.

Critical support for critical environments

When it comes to healthcare, downtime simply isn’t an option. From planned HVAC maintenance to unexpected power outages, every healthcare facility needs to plan for the unexpected – and act fast to put those plans into motion whenever necessary.

At Aggreko, we understand the challenges hospitals face, particularly when older HVAC equipment and power is under unprecedented pressure. And our uniquely agile, responsive approach gives you modular and scalable powertemperature control, and dehumidification, available at a moment’s notice. So you can keep your building operational whatever happens – and create the kind of environment that’s safe for practitioners and patients alike.


Get industry-leading reliability

Across power, temperature control, and dehumidification, our portfolio of rental equipment is built for stability and resilience. But our reputation for reliability goes beyond how our equipment performs.

We’re also trusted to become proactive, communicative partners – a global team you can depend on to deliver relevant, impactful expertise. From designing your solution to handling logistics, you can count on us.

Design a hospital emergency power and HVAC plan

Draw on our 100+ years of experience to:

  • Create a contingency plan for every scenario
  • Tailor your solution to local challenges, including weather profiles
  • Get a practical roadmap for what to do if disaster strikes or primary systems go into shutdown

Maintain your efficiency

With sustainable, cost-effective equipment, you can:

  • Control your costs with flexible rental and no CAPEX
  • Use modular equipment to match your solution to actual usage
  • Spot performance issues with Aggreko Remote Monitoring

Deliver superior power and HVAC

Our focus on quality means you can:

  • Continue your Energy Transition, even in an emergency
  • Deliver oil-free air and a clean, safe environment
“Our availability, agility, and breadth of equipment is the perfect fit for healthcare. Hospitals trust us to deliver when it matters most – and we do, consistently.”



From natural disasters to construction

Around the world, Aggreko has hands-on experience working with hospitals of every shape and size. Removing the moisture from storm-damaged buildings? We’re ready to help. Precision climate control for labs and surgical suites? We’ll make it simple. Whatever challenges you’re facing – and whatever future emergencies you’re planning for – trust a team with its finger on the pulse of healthcare HVAC and hospital backup generators.

Experts in power and temperature solutions

No matter the project, our rental services will meet your needs

We provide a full range of rental equipment that includes: