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Aggreko’s Commitment to Sustainability

Events for a Lifetime: Aggreko’s Commitment to Sustainability —And to You

Our Sustainability Responsibility

Together with our customers, our employees, and our partners, Aggreko has embarked on an exciting journey. The destination: Becoming a Net Zero business across all services we provide by 2050.

To achieve this, we have committed to three major goals in the next decade. By 2030, Aggreko will:

  • Reduce the amount of fossil diesel fuel used in customer solutions by at least 50% by offering customers cleaner technologies and fuels that guarantee the same or better level of reliability and competitiveness
  • Reduce local air quality emissions of our solutions by 50% (this includes all emissions from diesel, gas, and other fuels)
  • Achieve Net Zero across all our own business operations

As event specialists, we understand the energy you need, no matter the size or location.

We know there is no margin for error. Being in the public eye, the pressure to perform in a sustainable way is an even greater challenge. We’ll work with you and use our deep expertise to develop the right choice of solutions and services that deliver the energy you need. Without losing our focus on reliability, we’re also committed to operating in the most efficient way, introducing new technologies to be ultimately cleaner.

From powering your event to the project management and build of your energy infrastructure, we’re with you throughout, helping your event perform efficiently and at its best. 


Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, or HVO, is the very best of renewable fuels. Made from waste cooking oil and other vegetable oils, HVO fuel is a FAME-free, fossil-free, CO2-friendly alternative to regular diesel. As a premium-quality renewable diesel alternative, it’s made from 100% renewable raw materials. Unlike other renewable fuels, HVO performs excellently in cold weather and is shelf-stable for many years.

What’s more, HVO can be used alone to fuel any Aggreko generator with no need for modification or a diesel mix, meaning your favorite go-to equipment can now operate more sustainably. In fact, HVO emits 90% less CO2 than diesel. In Aggreko generators, HVO even reduces local emissions like NO2 and SO2.

Because HVO is so clean, some jurisdictions offer credits to offset the cost of fuel we’re happy to work with you to secure the best deal possible on your sustainable event solution. Aggreko even offers mass balancing if your area does not provide credits.

The operations infrastructure for the NYC-based race in this groundbreaking automotive performance series was powered entirely with Aggreko generators fueled by HVO. This clean energy solution enabled the race to avoid more than 53,000 tons of CO2 emissions over the course of the event.

Holistic Approach

While your attendees only see the amazing final product of your event, we know how much work goes on behind the scenes. We can help you go green throughout the entire planning and execution process, providing a holistic, sustainable approach to powering your production.

One of the most significant ways to avoid GHG and local emissions —and reduce expenses— is to minimize freight shipments. Aggreko is constantly refining our generator and power electronics designs to make them more compact and easier to transport, reducing the trucks and fuel required to get them to your event. We can also get creative with shipping and logistics to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your bottom line.

Power solutions for sustainable events - Aggreko

 National Football Broadcast 


Large-scale batteries can be paired with any kind of generator (whether solar, HVO-fueled, natural gas, or traditional diesel) to provide additional reliability and reduce generator runtime. By storing energy and relying less on generators, batteries can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint of any event. For some events, a charged Aggreko battery is all you need to stay powered up from beginning to end!

Power solutions for sustainable events - Aggreko

 Retail Corporate Headquarters 

When a major national retailer needed to conduct corporate training safely during COVID-19, they protected their staff by building temporary outdoor classrooms powered by Aggreko. We provided cost-effective diesel generators paired with battery storage. The batteries were charged by the generators by day —and provided 100 kW of steady power each night.

That way, the AC and security systems could run diesel-free from sundown to sunup, saving the host company tens of thousands of dollars in diesel costs —and keeping the air cleaner, too.

Building a Bridge to Sustainability

If you’re looking for a more gradual green transition, Aggreko can help. Not all fossil fuels are created equal. Making the switch from diesel to natural gas or propane is an affordable option that can still make a major impact on your total emissions.

Power solutions for sustainable events - Aggreko

 Popular Cooking Show Production in Las Vegas 

Just by choosing liquid natural gas over diesel, a major American television network is avoiding more than 10,000 tons of CO2 emissions over the course of two months of filming. Aggreko’s natural gas generators provide a greener solution for power andcooling (800 tons of HVAC!) with half the emissions of a diesel generator, while saving 30% on the overall cost of power.

Solar panels with wind turbines on a sunny day,green clean energy concept

The Future of Fuel

As fuel technology evolves, so does Aggreko. We’re ready to partner with you to keep your events on the cutting edge of sustainability. Green hydrogen is a particularly promising approach, with the potential for hydrogen-powered generators complementing both solar and wind power. This next-generation solution, currently under development, will use both combustion and fuel cell technologies to ensure reliable zero-carbon power even given the intermittency of renewables. Aggreko will also integrate zero-emission hydrogen technology into our canopy storage battery solution. This hydrogen hybrid will consist of a Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell and a lithium-ion storage system. We’re looking into the future to implement creative hybrid solutions that bridge the gap to net zero.

Mix-And-Match - Find Your Green

Aggreko is ready to meet you wherever you are in your sustainability journey. We’ve always had your back, providing safe, reliable, efficient systems to power your events the world over. We’re also your one-stop shop for sustainable energy solutions. Aggreko can create custom hybrid microgrids, mixing and matching all of our solutions to help you meet your sustainability goals.

Power solutions for sustainable events - Aggreko

 43rd Ryder Cup 2021 

Aggreko deployed multiple battery storage units in conjunction with propane generators to help power a range of functions and facilities at this prestigious event —considered golf’s pre-eminent tournament and one of the most important sporting events in the world. The propane generators, along with innovative LED light balloon deployments, resulted in a savings of over 1,200 gallons of diesel and an estimated 203 metric ton reduction in carbon emissions.

The generators run at night to charge the batteries, which then provide clean, silent power during the day. Maintaining quiet on the course is as important as ensuring steady, uninterrupted power for players, staff, and spectators, and Aggreko is proud to have delivered both. Additionally, LED light balloons in place of traditional light towers resulted in a further reduction of 160 metric tons of CO2. All told, these innovative solutions avoided about 203 metric tons of CO2!

The Future is Now - Let’s Power It Together

You’re ready to participate in the global mission toward a greener planet. We’re ready to be your partner in creating meaningful and sustainable events, local or global, large and small. Reach out —let us know about your sustainability goals. We’ll design a customized event power system that’s cleaner, more reliable, and made for you.

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