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Aggreko Snow Storms Emergency Solutions

Industrial power supply and heating solutions for freezing weather and snowstorms

Prepare for the freezing weather with Aggreko’s industrial backup power and heating solutions.

In freezing temperatures and severe winter storms, your industrial equipment could be exposed to conditions it simply wasn’t built for. This can cause it to fail or to reduce its efficiency. We can help you prepare for storm season with comprehensive snowstorm solutions, all underpinned by our deep expertise and practical advice.

Emergency heating and power supply to get your business up and running after a winter storm

As part of our disaster recovery business, we deliver industrial disaster recovery anywhere in the world.

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Emergency power solutions for industrial-scale businesses

If snow storms and freezing weather affect your typical power supply, your operations could continue to be interrupted long after the storm has passed. Aggreko can provide emergency power solutions, including industrial emergency power generators, that help you reconnect and restart sooner.

For complex industrial sites, a single low-capacity generator just won’t cut it. What makes Aggreko unique is our ability to scale and flex to suit you. Our large range of diesel generators range from 25-1500kW and, with modular design, it’s easy to add additional generators into your set-up.

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Industrial emergency heating solutions to help your business recover

Freezing temperatures can severely damage your operations, affecting not just your people but the performance of your equipment and machinery. With Aggreko, you’ll get a comprehensive backup heating system tailored to your industry and environment.

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Cold weather contingency planning

When you’re preparing for a snowstorm power outage, a complete cold weather contingency plan will include power, temperature control, and more. Aggreko brings together best-in-class equipment, including diesel generators and industrial heaters, alongside best-in-class expertise to help you prepare effectively.

Aggreko’s industrial generators are the ideal backup generators supply for freezing weather, designed to operate in low ambient conditions. Whether you need to power a small commercial premises or a sprawling industrial site, our rugged industrial backup power generators will keep you operational throughout storms and cold temperatures.

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