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Aggreko Tornados Solutions

Tornado solutions: preparedness & disaster recovery

Industrial rental equipment for tornado recovery

Tornado recovery is typically complex, fast-moving, and full of unexpected changes. With Aggreko, you get a partner who can support your recovery plan and provide industrial equipment whenever and wherever you need it. From temporary generators to industrial dehumidification equipment and HVAC solutions, we can deliver a complete solution.

Prepare for tornado season with quality power generators from Aggreko

For any business that operates in a challenging, volatile climate, the risk of tornado damage is significant. Maintaining industrial power is a vital component of a tornado preparedness plan–and Aggreko’s range of industrial power solutions is designed to deliver power generators when you need them most.

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Diesel power generator rentals for tornado planning

To support your tornado preparedness, Aggreko offers a vast range of diesel power generator rental plans. Working closely with you, we’ll help you choose the right diesel generators to keep you up and running during natural disasters–from quiet, compact units to scalable industrial power. Across our portfolio, you’ll find rugged, hard-working generators on any scale, ready to withstand even the harshest environments.

Emergency power generators for after the tornado

Even after the weather event has ended, emergency power generators still have a vital role to play. All the equipment you need to aid tornado recovery requires power, but it may take time before grid power is reinstated. With Aggreko’s diesel generators, you’ll get an emergency power supply for as long as you need, on any scale, anywhere in the world.

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Industrial dehumidification equipment to aid recovery after tornado

The severe weather and wind of a tornado often create a need for industrial-grade dehumidification, removing water in the air to protect environments, equipment, and people. Aggreko’s tornado recovery solutions can also include industrial dehumidification equipment capable of handling as much 15,000cfm airflow and removing 969 gallons of moisture per day.

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Frequently asked questions about tornado preparedness and recovery solutions

How can I prepare for a tornado with Aggreko?

While tornado preparedness can be wide-reaching, maintaining a reliable power supply is important – and Aggreko can help you ensure your power stays steady throughout the tornado. Whether your location is prepared with water pumps and dehumidifiers, or you simply need to maintain lighting to ensure safety, an emergency generator gives you a way to stay up-and-running, even if storms damage your primary power source.