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Aggreko Wildfires Solutions

Industrial power supply and cooling solutions for wildfires

Prepare for wildfire season with Aggreko’s backup power generation and cooling solutions

As part of your wildfire preparation plan, trust Aggreko to deliver dependable backup power supply, industrial air conditioning, and everything you need to keep your business and community safe.

There when you need it most, Aggreko’s comprehensive range of equipment is designed for industrial disaster recovery. It’s paired with our unique insight into your needs and the effects of wildfires on business operations.

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Industrial emergency power generator and cooling rentals tailored to help your business recover after wildfires

Putting strategies in place to maintain business operations during a wildfire is just one part of an effective wildfire plan. Aggreko can also provide support with business disaster recovery and industrial disaster recovery, from emergency power solutions to temporary cooling and air conditioning.

Industrial backup power supply to keep you prepared for when the wildfires start

When wildfires start, major challenges include potential damage to your primary source of power supply. To address these challenges, you’ll need reliable backup power generators to provide support. Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of your applications, we’ll help you find the right backup power supply for you, including industrial backup generators for energy on a huge scale.

Large-scale emergency power solutions designed to bring the power your business needs after a wildfire

In the aftermath of a wildfire, your business could be left without grid power for a prolonged period of time. Aggreko’s emergency power solutions are available on an industrial scale, all offering unbeatable durability and mobility. Whatever the scale of your applications, we can help with a wide range of solutions, including industrial emergency power generators.

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Our industrial cooling and air conditioning solutions will help ensure the temperatures are kept at bay

Aggreko can also support your industrial disaster recovery with effective temperature control. Our industrial air conditioning units and cooling equipment help to bring environmental conditions under control, so you can work safely and comfortably.

Industrial emergency cooling and air conditioning for wildfire recovery

To mitigate the effects of wildfires on business operations, Aggreko can deliver industrial air conditioning and cooling on any scale. We’ll work with you to help you choose the right industrial cooling solution for your environment, so you can get back to business sooner.

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