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165 kW Indirect Fired Gas Heater

Large-Scale Rental Indirect Fired Heating Equipment for Many Applications

165 kW Indirect Fired Gas Heater - From small-scale projects to demanding heating requirements, Aggreko is the solution for all of your needs involving portable, industrial heater.

Rating 165 kW
BTU 564000 btu
Voltage 480V
Frequency (Hz) 60 Hz
Category High Temperature
Electric No
Portable No
Fuel Type Gas


  • Completely fume, flame, and moisture-free
  • Available in size from 171,000 to 3.8 million Btu/hr
  • Have airflow rates to 10,000cfm
  • Provide high temperatures to 300°F


  • Can be used indoors or out
  • Can be used for HVAC applications, as well as industrial or construction applications wherever warm air is required