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power and temperature control for general contractors

General Contractors

General Contractors

How we help:

Across new constructions, additions, renovations, and emergencies, we help general contractors keep complex projects on track

  • Get flexible power and distribution for cranes, elevators, job trailers, and tools.
  • Accelerate your project schedule with concrete cooling and curing, ground thaw equipment, and full site prep.
  • Optimize your environment with full site or spot cooling, heating, drying, and dehumidification.
  • Avoid unexpected delays with emergency utilities and contingency planning.

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Budgets. Timelines. Inspections. Subcontractors. We help you stay on schedule and on budget as you manage your entire projects and job sites

From industrial power to concrete cooling

For general contractors, a busy job site is a web of connected dependencies. One overlooked piece of equipment or unexpected power outage is enough to send an entire project spiraling out of control.

With Aggreko, get temporary powertemperature control, and dehumidification you can feel confident about – and use to underpin all your planning. We’ll help you keep every subcontractor able to perform, every risk anticipated, and every deadline in hand.

Our extensive fleet of modular, mobile equipment and deep knowledge of construction make us the perfect partner, no matter how complex your project is.

Giving general contractors more confidence

General contractors choose Aggreko because our reputation for reliability is unparalleled. It’s there in the quality of our equipment, from intelligently designed power to high-performance dehumidification.

But it’s also there in the way we do business: a reassuringly responsive approach designed to take ownership of your challenges, create an effective solution, and deliver it worldwide, even at short notice.

Get always-available site power

From tools to plant equipment, get dependable power including:

  • Scalable, load-balanced generators with a choice of fuels including natural gas
  • Mobile generators so you can get power wherever it’s required
  • 24/7 Aggreko Remote Monitoring to resolve any power issues fast

The HVAC new constructions need

Bridge the gap between construction and permanent utilities with:

  • Temperature control that’s easily configured to suit your environment and temperature-sensitive tasks
  • Dehumidification to help accelerate your drying processes and protect your materials

Create an optimal environment

Address site conditions and weather/temperature issues with:

  • Ground thaw equipment to remove frost on any scale
  • Modular equipment for rapid concrete cooling
  • Temperature control and dehumidification to keep every contractor working at peak performance
“We’re not just an industrial power company. We create cohesive turnkey solutions for general contractors – everything they need, all from one place.”




Don’t let emergencies undermine your efficiency

From failing equipment to seasonal changes, an emergency doesn’t have to throw your entire project off schedule. Trust Aggreko to design a comprehensive contingency plan and backup solution, giving you complete coverage for every eventuality. With years of experience in construction, we’ll get to know your project and location, then deliver the redundant power, temperature control, and dehumidification you need. It’s a way to keep your site working efficiently, whatever happens – and with sustainable fuel options, a way to stay energy efficient at the same time.

Experts in power and temperature solutions

No matter the project, our rental services will meet your needs

We provide a full range of rental equipment that includes: