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Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) Mobile App

The ARM Mobile App and Online Portal

The mobile app and online portal are the next step in the evolution of Aggreko’s service excellence strategy designed to improve the customer experience and help customers manage their projects with Aggreko. The purpose of the ARM app & portal is to compliment the overall ARM offering and services provided by Aggreko’s Remote Operations Center (ROC).

Users will also be notified of critical performance alarms and contacted immediately by Aggreko’s 24/7 Remote Operations Center (ROC) to diagnose, respond, and remotely fix issues when possible.



This advancement gives users remote access to equipment report status related to thousands of critical equipment parameters while on a customer’s site, such as load capacity, amps, run hours, fuel levels, and GPS location.

Other features include:

  • Find Aggreko rental centers – Easily locate your local rental centers.
  • View case studies – Search our library for examples of how we can help you.
  • Power calculators & tools – All the tools you need to manage your equipment.
  • Enquire now– Need equipment now? Use the inquiry tool to contact your local sales representative.

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Prefer to access on your desktop? Log in to the portal here

Download our free Aggreko Remote Monitoring Mobile App FAQ Guide+

Arm app FAQ guide

The ARM app is free to download. Unregistered users have access to all features listed under the ‘Discover’ section featured on the splash screen of the app (see previous FAQ). Registered users have access to the app & portal, which is included with the nominal fee for ARM that is charged to customers that have equipment on hire.

Access to the App & Portal does not supersede nor replace the 24/7/365 coverage provided by the Remote Operations Center (ROC).

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