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Risk Management

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Manage risk and eliminate downtime with temporary power, temperature control systems and 100% oil-free air solutions

Critical failures can happen to any plant at any time, and disaster can strike at the most inopportune moment. But keeping damage to a minimum and reducing the chance of ongoing failures is a vital part of running a successful plant.

We provide a range of innovative risk management solutions designed to keep your plant running at peak performance. Our services include temporary power generation, temperature control systems, and oil-free air solutions.

Our solutions:

  • Keep your plant running at peak performance
  • Reduce any costly downtime that is caused by critical failures and natural disasters
  • Provide you with peace of mind
  • Offer environmental support to keep your plant in line with government requirements

As a result, our customers have been able to continue production throughout critical failures and natural disasters.


Our Goals Are Aligned with Yours

We bring together our expertise and design engineering skills to keep your plant running smoothly during unplanned downtime. When disaster strikes, we’ll help keep operations on schedule while reducing your carbon footprint.

The risk management solutions we design and execute for our customers are carefully crafted, using the latest equipment and the best strategies for you and your plant.

They include:

  • Temporary motor control centers
  • Microgrids
  • Data centers and analyzers
  • Temporary substations and motor control cooling
  • Cooling towers
  • Temporary fixes for main blower outages

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How it Works

We work with a number of different refineries to put risk management strategies in place to avoid the potentially drastic repercussions of on-site critical failures. Our process covers four key areas:

  1. Recovery - we create quick action plans that can be put in place after an emergency to restore and resume normal operations without delay.
  2. Mitigation - we design strategies that reduce the effects of certain risks associated with hazards and critical failures.
  3. Response - we build systems that can be put in place during an emergency to save lives, property, and the surrounding environment.
  4. Preparedness - we carry out any actions needed to be put in place before an emergency to facilitate response and promote readiness.

Our focus lies in safety, easing your schedule, and improving your refinery’s profitability.

When we install temporary power generation and systems during an emergency, we consult with our dedicated, expert team to determine the scope of the work for each and every case. From there, we develop the associated technical documents and carry out any technical reviews where needed.

We Act Fast

Response time is incredibly important when dealing with emergency situations. We have access to the largest rental fleet in the world which is strategically positioned to be dispatched at any moment.

And, because we use standardized, modular equipment, all our solutions are easy and quick to install on-site. This avoids potential downtime and eliminates the loss of any profits.

How We Saved One Plant $70 Million in Losses

Critical failures can take a plant from profitable to panicking in a single moment - something one synthetic crude plant wanted to avoid at all costs.

They had a scheduled overhaul of their coker unit planned but, a week before work started, the furnace’s main air blower went down throwing their well thought-out plans into disarray. The air blower wouldn’t be fixed in time for the coker restart date, which would have led to a significant loss in profit for the company if they hadn’t have turned to us for help.

We provided the plant with temporary air compressors, 2000 tonnes of cooling tower capacity, and a further 56 pieces of electrical distribution equipment. On top of this, we sent in a designated senior engineer and project manager to oversee the activities on-site 24 hours a day while the upgrade was taking place. We worked closely with plant personnel to smoothly coordinate the mobilization, installation, and commissioning of every step. As a result, the temporary solution kept operations running smoothly for 18 days without interruption. During this time, the main air blower was brought back on line and the schedule was quickly set back on track.

By mitigating the risks of the air blower cutting out and providing a quick solution, we saved the plant around C$70 million.

The Value of Aggreko’s Risk Management Solutions

Our risk management solutions are built on years of experience and designed on an individual basis to suit the specific needs of each and every plant. We pride ourselves on the fact that customers keep coming back to us to avoid unnecessary downtime and a loss in profits when disaster strikes.

The solutions we offer:

  • Reduce costly downtime by implementing temporary solutions that keep operations running smoothly
  • Increase uptime and keep schedules on track
  • Maintain business continuity
  • Provide peace of mind that if disaster does strike, you have a system in place that will eliminate any unnecessary damage


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