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Cooling Towers Rentals

Cooling tower rentals

Keep crucial systems running with industrial cooling tower rental

Aggreko’s GT Cooling Tower Awarded US Patent

Our modular, mobile, infinitely scalable GT Cooling Towers are unique to Aggreko.

In 2024, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted us a patent for the ISO-compliant container design of these temporary cooling towers. This design reduces the space and time needed for installation, improves on-site safety, and can reduce energy use by up to 80%.

Want to learn more about what makes the GT Cooling Tower exceptional? Click here.

Industrial and commercial rental cooling tower systems and solutions

We have completed hundreds of projects across a wide range of cooling tower industrial applications – including some of the largest emergency cooling tower operations ever undertaken. That experience, and the nationwide availability of our large fleet of temporary cooling towers, piping, HVAC solutions, and pumping and power generation equipment, has dramatically reduced risks involved with implementing cooling tower solutions for any job at any scale. No other rental company in the world can offer this level of in-house expertise or the capability to respond to any commercial cooling tower system need, no matter how large, no matter how far, no matter how urgent.

Our industrial cooling tower rentals have a unique forced draft, counterflow design of evaporative cooling. Each rental cooling tower module is equipped with multiple direct-drive fans. Heat removal rates range from 2 million to 1,000 million BTU/hr. Self-adjusting spray nozzles handle varying water flows.

  • Help industrial plant customers recover from existing cooling tower failure
  • Augment and/or supplement cooling water flows
  • Provide cooling for planned system turnarounds

Equipment, applications & sizing tools

How does a cooling tower work?

Your machinery is one of your biggest investments. And a key part of its care is making sure it doesn’t overheat. A cooling tower is a specialist piece of equipment used to control temperatures and cool down vital machinery.

But how does a cooling tower work? It works using a process called “evaporative cooling”, where cooling water and air are in direct contact, working together to lower the temperature of the hot water. Small amounts of water are allowed to evaporate which then lowers the temperature of the water circulating throughout the tower.

Chiller vs cooling tower: Which one is right for your business needs?

Both chillers and cooling towers are used to remove heat from a liquid before it’s used as a coolant. But it’s crucial to choose the right option for your specific needs to make sure it’s as efficient as possible. So where does your business sit in the chiller vs cooling tower debate?

Simply put, a chiller is an industrial unit that controls temperature by transferring heat from one place to another. Generally speaking, chillers are used more in the food and beverage industry or the plastic industry. Conversely, cooling tower systems tend to be used more for large-scale applications where higher levels of cooling are needed, such as thermal power stations, power plants, and oil and gas refinery plants.

We’re experts at advising on what you need when it comes to chillers vs cooling tower systems.

Types of water-cooling towers at Aggreko fleet

ACTS is a specialist segment of Aggreko, pioneering the rental cooling industry and water cooling tower systems as a whole. ACTS has the capacity, flexibility, and expertise to resolve any cooling water limitation.

We have a vast selection of cooling towers at Aggreko and the capacities of the cooling towers within our fleet range from 100 gallons per minute (GPM) to 10,000 GPM.

For the biggest projects, the modular design of our water-cooling towers allows them to be interconnected to cool water up to 1.5 million GPM and can produce capacities of 1,200,000 GPM and above.

Individual modules have capacities as small as 500 GPM and single towers ranging from 200 to 1,000 tons.

Aggreko can precisely tailor the size of your rental towers to your operational needs. And because our fleet is nationwide, we have 24/7 tower availability and the logistic capabilities to take on major projects immediately.

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A fleet of HVAC cooling tower solutions for any water-cooling limitation

  • Temporary Cooling Capacity— To maximize production during hot summer months or peak demand times, ACTS specialists use temporary cooling towers to lower the temperatures of water from your over-heated main tower.

  • Cooling Tower Replacement and Repair— When a permanent cooling tower needs to be repaired or replaced, the work can be performed without any interruption in plant productivity by diverting water from the primary tower to Aggreko’s rental towers with the same capacity.

  • Thermal Discharge— Maintaining discharge water temperature limits is particularly challenging in hot weather. ACTS’ efficient solution is to run a portion of the overheated discharge water through our temporary cooling towers, where it is cooled and blended with the remaining discharge water stream to achieve the desired discharge water temperature. The plant keeps running at full capacity, discharging water at environmentally safe and compliant temperatures.

  • Emergency Cooling— ACTS reduces costly downtime after disaster strikes. We can deliver a turnkey system, including pipes, pumping, electrical distribution and generators to restore cooling capacity within days — or even sooner, if the customer has prepared an emergency contingency plan with Aggreko.

  • Wastewater Cooling— Some industrial water treatment processes depend on micro-organisms to break down hydrocarbons and other contaminants in wastewater streams before the water can be disposed or returned for re-use. When water temperatures get too hot, the microorganisms cannot survive and therefore are unable to remove the contaminants from the wastewater. ACTS has custom cooling towers configured to cool this water and maintaining a healthy environment for the micro-organisms to thrive.

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